Station Café | Ree Park Safari
  • Opening hours may vary

    24th of March to 28th of October
  • Seating

    We have a total of 80 seats
  • Cuisine

    Café & Snack

Station Café

Sandwich    55,-

Organic bread, chicken, bacon, chili mayonnaise, greens          

Organic bread, ham, herb mayonnaise, greens

Organic bread, “pulled veggie”, hummus, greens                    


Salad    59,-

Pulled salmon, RAW salad-mix, sesame vinaigrette                                                

Chicken & bacon, RAW salad-mix, tomato vinaigrette                                              


Pizza    95,-

Tomato sauce, chicken, mozzarella, basilica

Tomato sauce, ham, bacon, mozzarella, oregano

Tomato sauce, herb salami, mozzarella, salad

Vegetarian pizza of the day

Glutenfree    + 5,- / piece.

Slice    30,-



Soda (40cl.)    35,-

Draft beer (40cl.)    45,-

Still water (0,5L)    20,-

Smoothie & Juice (0,25L)    25,-

Coffee/Tee    30,-

Hot cacao    25,-                                                                                                                                

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