Walking Safari | Ree Park Safari
  • Number of participants

    maximum 20 people
  • Price is

    DKK 40,- per person
  • The tour lasts approx.

    30 minutter
  • Must bee booked in advance

    Buy online or in the Safarishop

Join us

on a Walking Safari

Take a guided tour of the park with a personal guide. Here you get a lot of exciting knowledge about the park's wildlife and the work with the rare and endangered animals.

The following animals can be visited in their stables:

  • Malagasy lemurs
  • South American spider and skull monkeys
  • Lions and tigers
  • Black rhinos and giraffes on the savannah
  • The American black bears

NOTE: Buy a ticket online or in the Safari shop

Duration: 30 minutes.

NOTE: Buy a ticket online or in the Safari Shop

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