America Express – Go on a a train ride across the Northamerican prarie


  • The train ride takes approx. 20 min

    incl. boarding and descent
  • Price DKK 60,- per person

    In the season 2021
  • Children under 3 are free

    They must sit on the lap of an adult

Amerika Expressen

Get on an unforgettable trainride

Experience Ree Park from a real steam or diesel train. America Expressen takes you on a train ride back in time. By rail you reach the prairie. The guide tells you about the animals and the North American prairie. Here you get close to the North American animals.

The train ride with America Expressen lasts approx. 20 min. incl. boarding and descent, and is a great experience for children and adults.
Children under 3 years are free. They must sit on the lap of an adult.

Please note that the passenger cars are closed cars that can not be opened from the inside for safety reasons. This may, for some people with a tendency to claustrophobia, cause anxiety. However, there is always the possibility of getting hold of he guide during the trip via a telephone number.


Meet the 

American black bears

The American black bear is a formidable climber. And because of its powerful and hooky claws it will easily climb into any tree, either seeking for food or during escape, so keep an eye on both the ground and the trees!

American black bear


The American bison

Bisons can be very dangerous when the bulls fight each other or if the cows protect their calves. But otherwise, bisons are very peaceful animals. They can be playful and love to dustbathe and swim.

American bison

The Arctic wolves

live in their own enclosure

The arctic wolf is a wolf species known for its white coat. In addition to the white fur, the Arctic wolf also has other characteristic features; They have a shorter snout and less ears than other wolves - probably to minimize heat loss from the body.

Arctic wolf

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