Go on a Land Rover Safari on the Savannah and see many of the animals from Africa | Ree Park Safari
  • The tour lasts approx. 30 min.

    incl. boarding
  • Price is DKK 45,- per person

    June 29 - August 18 2019 the price is DKK 50,-
  • Children under 3 are free

    They must be seated on the lap of an adult

Land Rover Safari

Experience Ree Park Safari from a real safari vehicle and get close to the animals

Experience Ree Park Safari from a real safari vehicle. Try a Land Rover Safari with a guide telling about the animals. The safari carriage drives you and your family to the great African Savannah. Here you get close to the African animals. Land Rover Safari lasts approx. 1/2 hour, and is a great experience for children and adults. Children under 3 years are free. They must sit on the lap of an adult.

At Land Rover Safari you can meet many exciting animals, you can see some of them below


Meet the Giraffes

on a Land Rover Safari

The giraffes are easily spotted with their long necks and legs. The forelegs are longer than the hind legs, so the back slopes down towards the back. Both males and females have horns, though the females' are thinner than the males'.

Rotchild giraffe

You can also encounter

the Ostrich

The Ostrich is the world's largest bird. It has no feathers on either throat or leg and is not able to fly. On the other hand, it is a fast runner

Common ostrich


The Black Rhino

The black rhino has two horns, the front one is often the longest. The horns are not made of bones, but of keratin, which the human nail and hair also consist of.

Black rhinoceros

Meet the

Defassa waterbuk

The Defassa waterbuk is a large antelope, characterized by a long brown coat, white mule and white backing. The males have horns, and these are long, dark and backward. The Defassa waterbuk is a social animal that lives in groups of up to 25 individuals.

Defassa waterbuck

The Blue wildebeests

also live on the savannah

The Blue wildebeest is one of Africa's most iconic animals. With its characteristic appearance, it is easy to recognize. The body is gray, the legs are long and thin, the head is large and the horns strongly curved. The Blue wildebeest lives in large flocks on the African savannah, where the bulls struggle to maintain territories in the best areas in order to attract females.

Blue wildebeest

Common eland

also live on the African Savannah

In Ree Park Safari you can meet the Common eland on the African savannah. If the herd passes you close by, you can hear a strange clicking sound from the legs of the animals ...

Common eland

Land Rover Safari

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