Taking care of you dog while visiting Ree Park Safari

Taking care of you dog

while visiting Ree Park Safari

Dogs are not allowed at Ree Park, and now you can avoid leaving your dog to overheat in the car. Place your dog in Ree Park's dog kennel service while you and your family enjoy the adventures in the park.

7 enclosures


As it is not allowed to take your dog inside the safaripark, some of our guests choose to leave the dog in the car while visiting the park. Even if you leave the window open and you make sure the dog has access to water, it will often get too hot inside the car. Because we care about the welfare of the dogs, we have built a kennel service. 7 enclosures available If you have a dog with you, please ask for the kenel service at the entrance. We charge DKK 50,- and a deposit of DKK 50,- (in all DKK 100,- You will get the DKK 50,- back when you return the lock and key to the enclosure). We have 10 enclosures, each with a dog house. The dog is your responsibility, and you can check on the dog during your visit. We ask you to leave your mobile phone number, so we can get hold of you in case of an emergency. Attention - Please note that as we have a limited number of enclosures we recommend that you call in advance and make a reservation for an enclosure. Please call +45 86 33 61 50 for booking. In the high season we recommend you book well in advance.

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