Camel Riding in Ree Park Safari | Get close to the animals
  • Duration

    ca 3 minutes per ride.

    The price is Kr. 30, - per person.

    Participation only from the Age of 5.


Get one step closer to the Gobi Desert and ride the camels at Ree Park Safari. The big camels wait patiently until you sit well and then the tour starts! - From the back of the camels you can enjoy the magnificent view over the park.

The camels are led by our guides, so you can make yourself comfortable on the soft and thick fur. Both children and adults can ride the camels. Only one person can ride a camel at a time.

The new generation
Since autumn we have been concentrating on preparing our camels for carrying the visitors. For this purpose, we have called in Sidi and Jason as support - two experts from the United States. They trained our young camels, which soon can replace the old, retiring camels. Our zookeepers of the Savanna Department have continued the training. Our guides cannot wait to give you a tour on the "desert ship". We are pleased to introduce our new riding camels Yeke, Aron and Ghandi. The keepers are still working on the training of the young camels, which is why we are looking forward to soon be able to include Rasputin, Loke and Tjalfe in our new top team.

We treat our camels with forbearance
In the summer of 2015, we introduced a minimum age of 5 years for camel riding. At this age limit we hold on to guarantee a perfect and great experience, where all participants can equally enjoy the ride on the desert ships. It may happen that on some days no camel riding is offered. Reason for this are for example. Rest periods, in which the animals should recover or heavy rainfall, which harms the camel hooves.

Bactrian Camels

At Ree Park Safari we have Bactrian camels. This species can be recognized by the two humps on the back. If you ever see a very similar animal, with only one hump, then it is a dromedary. You may also know the Bactrian camel under the name "Bactrian camel". This camel is proud and a bit stubborn, which sometimes complicates the training. Nevertheless, we appreciate the work with these big, beautiful camels very much.

Learn more about the Bactrian camel

Kamelridning i Ree Park Safari Safari

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