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Sumatran tiger

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Sumatran tiger 

The Sumatra tiger is the smallest of all 8 subspecies of tigers. The Tiger's body size and color vary geographically and probably reflect adaptations to the diverse habitats in which they live. Unique to the Sumatra tiger is that the stripes are thinner, and that the cheek beard is stronger than with the other subspecies.

Tigers are hugely adaptable. The Sumatra tiger mainly lives in small isolated forest areas, in both highlands and lowlands, and in jungle and swamp areas on Sumatra. In general, the good adaptability of the tiger is a major benefit to the survival of the species, but in too many places very small divided populations are on the edge of extinction. Buffer zones and corridors between these small populations are necessary for the survival of these small populations, but also for the Sumatra tiger in general.

As with most other cat species, the males and females live alone. The males' territories are larger than the females, and a single his territory often overlaps with several females. The territory is marked with urine, excrement and markings deposited with the claws. The tigers also communicate with species companions using the growl, snarl and spitting / wheezing when excited, and by spinning in comfortable situations.

Tigers hunt primarily through ambush attacks, and the prey mainly prefer larger herbivores, such as deer and antelope, wild boar, cattle and goats. Tigers are also excellent swimmers and enjoy playing and / or cooling off in water holes, lakes and rivers.

CITES has classified the Siberian tiger, the Northern Chinese tiger and the Sumatra tiger as critically threatened on the IUCN's Red List. The Bengali and Indonesian tiger are classified as endangered; while the Bali tiger, the Java tiger and the Caspian tiger are all considered extinct.

Sumatran tiger

  • Length

    2 – 2,4 m
  • Weight

    80-150 kg
  • Food

    Small to medium sized prey
  • Lifespan

    18 - 25 years
  • Gestation periode

    96 - 111 days

"...did you know that there are less than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild?"

Sumatran tiger

Animals in Asia



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