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Animals in Africa

The African lions primarily live in protected areas south of the Sahara. They are usually not found in areas with deserts or rainforest. 



The African Lion belongs to the family of big cats and is easily recognizable by its loud roar and huge mane on the head, neck and upper back. Its pelt is sand-colored with white spots on chest and stomach. Males and females are quite easy to distinguish, since only male lions have these enormous manes which is growing in the age of three years. The mane varies in thickness and color and indicates if the lion is young or old, healthy or sick. The lion uses its mane as protection in fights with other male lions or animals.        

Lion cubs are greyish with brown spots which makes them almost invisible in the high gras. Eventually, the spots will disappear when they become older and their coat will get this beautiful sandy color.

The African lions prefers the wide savannah, where they hunt big herbivores like antelopes, zebras and gnus. The female lions are hunting in packs. It is their responsibility to feed the pack while the males are protecting the females and cubs against rivals and other predators.   

Today the African lion is an endangered species. There are approximately 15.000-25.000 wild lions left in nature. Due to poaching and the destruction of their habitats, the number of wild lions is falling.     

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  • Length

    2,4 - 3,3 m
  • Shoulder height

    1,1 - 1,2 m
  • Weight

    126-272 kg
  • Food

    Big prey
  • Lifespan

    14 years in the wild, max 30 years in captivity


"...Did you know that you can hear a lion’s roar up to 5 kilometers away?"


Animals in Africa



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