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Common eland

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Common eland

"...Did you know that the Common eland is the biggest antelope in the world?"

Eland antelope 


The eland antelope or common eland is the biggest antelope on earth. A fully grown male can weigh up to a 1000 kg. The females are quite smaller ans weigh between 300-600 kg. Eland antelopes live in herds with approximately 25 individuals, whereof 1-2 are male. 

The eland is not a picky herbivore and because og its height, it can reach tall-growing leaves. It often uses its long, curved horns to brake limbs and twigs off the trees and bushes.   

In Ree Park Safari you can meet the eland antelope on our African savannah. Listens up when the herd is passing. You can hear funny klick-noises coming from their knee joints. The klick sound is loudest with the big males.    

In the beginning of the 20th century, some people tried to replace their cattle with the eland antelope, since they eat a lot of other plants than grass. Another advantage is their size and milk production of 5-6 liters daily. They would provide more people with meat and milk.

Today the common eland is disappeared from many of its original habitats. Poaching is the reason for the decreasing numbers, but besides that its quite common on the African savannah.  



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