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It is important to us that the animals have plenty of space and the possibility of physical activity. We are working hard to create an environment that promotes the well-being of all our animals.

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the black rhino 

For the first time, a black rhino born in a Scandinavian zoo, is sent back to nature in order to rebuild and preserve the species in their former territories.

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from 4 continents

Lots of fun and excitement for the whole family. Go on a Land Rover Safari on the african savannah or take a trainride across the american prairie with the American Express

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The guide will tell you all about the animals at the feedings during the day. You are more than welcome to ask questions about the animals and about Ree Park Safaris work with endangered species and conservation

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Land Rover


Try a Land Rover safari across the African savannah. You get close to the animals as you pass them on your drive

Land Rover Safari



Take a train ride back in time. The America Express takes you, by rails, across the Northamerican prairie, and you get close to some exciting animals along the ride.

America Express

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Book your stay in Djursland and experience the wonderful landscape, close to nature and safe beaches. Enjoy a bikeride or go on a trip in the car.

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Follow the animals and stay up to date on life in the park and get news all year round

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