vildhund blisbuk bongo brun lemur
African wilddog Blesbuck Bongo Brown lemur
Sort næsehorn krontrane gepard elan antilope
Black rhinoceros Crown crane Cheetah Elan antelope
giraf oksegnu katta lemur løve
Giraffe Gnu Katta lemur Lion
Marabustork nubisk ged struds rød vari lemur
Marabustork Nubian goat Ostrich Red vari lemur
rosa pelikan sandkat sporeskildpadde manløs zebra
Rosa pelican Sandcat Tortoise Zebra
Zebra mongoose  

The hunt for the rhino's horn

Unfortunately poaching has become a increasing problem for all rhinos.
The organized criminal syndicat's hunt for the rhino’s horns has now made zoos, safari parks and museums targets.

In Ree Park we have taken the necessary precautions, and all our rhinos are protected and monitored 24 hours a day.

We work closely with the local police, and internationally we work through our network and Europol to protect the rhinos, and make sure they are safe.

In Ree Park all exhibited horns rhinoceros are copies made of plastic.